Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(109) Treat. ib. Lailly, that all works are excluded, is evident by the Apo filesallegaroi out of David , who makes mans bleffednefsto be in this, that God imputeth righteoufnefsWithout Works. Anew. I. This is fufficiently anfwered in the former. 2. Paul hence immediately concludeth that Righteoufnefs comes not only on the Circumcifion : whence you may fee what works' he means. 3. Your felves expound the foregoing term ungodly of men that have net adequate hounds, though fincere ; there- fore you muff fo take this equipollent term [without n-orlls for ( roil bout that adequate houinefs ] : but it follows not, that therefore its without any humane aft. 4. Yet Rill I grant this al. fo that its without any humane a6} , confidered as the matter of a Legal righteoufnefs, or as oppofite to Chrift , or co-ordl. nate with him : but not without any humane ac`i, as fubordinate toChrift, and as the matter of that Evangelical righteoufnefs: which is required in this Confitution [ Repent and Believe the Gofpel ] viz, fincerely. Treat. pag. 223 eAnd indeed it is at lag confeffed, that its faith only that makes the contrail between Godand :befoul : that good works are not required to this initial contenting unto Chrift fo as to rnaks him ours, but in theprogrefs. This rs that in (Pa fé which the Papfls affirm in other words, That the flr f ?uf tficatio. on is onlybyfaith, but thefecondbygoodworks. Alf,. Howwould you have your Ready underftand thefe two infinuations? I. Have I fo oft afferted that which you call my Confefiion, and put it into an Index of diflindions, left it fhould be over- lookt, and told you as much fo long ago in pri- vate writings and do you now come our with an L Its at Taft confe id 11 hope you would not intimate that ever I denyed it : or that ever I wrote Book of that fubjeci , wherein I did' not exprefly averr it. But then ( that you think not better of the then l deferve) I muff tell you, that when I Rill excluded works from our. begun J uftification, it was external Obedience , and not Repentance 9, nor ti ofe aas of fait (even the Recei- p 3, vino