Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(tb) ving Chrift as Lord and Teacher ,) which thole that oppofe me call works. 2, If you take it but for an argument to convince filch as I , that L tho Papi1/ s held it ,: Ergo &C.] I muff complain that it is uneffedual r But if you intend is for another efec`t on other perfons, viz,. to affright themwith the found of fo horrid a name, or drive them away by the ilink of it, thenyou may pof fibly attain your ends. But you fnould have attempted is only by truth. Is it true, that [ this is that in effe a, Which the Papifls, affirm in other words ? ] Yea is it not a notorious truth ,that it u quite another thingwhich the Papi/ls affirm in fomewhat like words ? i. The worldknows chat the Papists by the first Juftifi- cation, mean the firft infufionof renewing fpecial grace. 2. And that by the fecond Jollification, they mean, the addingof fur. therdegrees of 5andification, or actuating that which before was given. 3. That they hold, faith juftifieth in the first Jufti. fication conftirutivè. 4. And that works or holinefs juftifie conftitutive in the fecond Juftification , even as Albedofacieal- bum, vel dottrina inditafacit dot um. On the other fide, I have told youoften privately and publikely, that , r. By Juftificatia on I. meannot Sandification, nor any Phyfical, but a Relative change. 2. That by firft and fecond, I mean not twohates, or works, but, the fame Rate and works as begun, and as continued. 3. That faith jetifiethneither con(titutivè & inharenttr, nor as any caufe, but as a Receiving Condition. 4. And that works of external obedience are but a difpofitivecondition, and an exclufion of that ingratitude that would condemn. And now judge on fecond thoughts, whether youhere fpeak the words of Truth or Equity. Treat. ib. Againfl thisgeneral exclulionof all Works, is oppo. fed ver. 4. where the Ap,(tle faith, To him that worketh the Reward is of debt ; from Whence they gather that Works only whichare áebts, are excluded. Anfào. I never ufed or heard fuch a collection. All good works are debts to Cod ; but our colle&ion is that workswhich are .fuppofed by men to make the reward of Debt,andnot of Grace, Treat, are excluded.