Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 4.) work that the R?ward may not be ofgrace , beizdebe ? WTI any fay that the Saints do no good works ? or elfe that they do fuch good works as make the Reward to be not of Grace but of debt ? I hope not. ArgttnieKt 5, Repentance is a moral Aa : Repentance mak- eth not the Reward to be ofdebt, and not of grace : therefore there are fame works that make not the Reward to be not of grace, but of Debt. The fame I fay of Faith it felf, and other Adis. But perhaps fome one elle will objea that though its true that there be fuch Works , yet they have no Intereft in the bufinefs of our Juftificatior, and therefore Pau/doth hence exclude them. Anftter. irft, It fufficed to my Taft purpofe to prove that there are workswhich will not bear his defcription, and therefore are not they that he means. Secondly , DIE that thofe other works have forne In:ereft in the bufinefs of our Juttification , I have proved in the beginning. Repentance bath the promife of Pardon fo bath faith, &c. But Ile not unfeafonably heredigrefs to this, but refer you to what is laid before and after,and el fewhere more at large. Argu.6. in ver.5, the oppofite term [he that worketh not j doch not figif fie him that performeth no moral a&. Therefore in the fourth verfe,[ he that worketh] dochnot fignifie him that doch perform any moral a&. The confequence is undeniable from the evident immediate oppofition,between him that work- eth, and him that worketh not, The Antecedent I prove , Tirft, From the words of the Text, which mention one a&, even believing, as oppofite to working, and implyed in , or confident with not working. [ To h m that worketh not, but believeth. ] Secondly, Becaufe-elfe it would fubvert the Gof- pel. What fence would you make of it if you fhould inter- pret this and fuch texts as this of all moral A cis Such as Chriftian ears would abhor. If [ working J be the Genw, and the Text will hold as extended to Believing,Repenting, &c. asche jpeeiee, and that even in their due Evangelical notion. Let as try them a little in fuch an Expofition. ver. 4,5. [ to him that worketh, that is, Repenteth, Believeth, &c. the Reward is .f Grace,but ofDebt. But tohim that worketh not, ( that iv,