Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(izi) dyet or difordered life may kill you. The working therefore that he excluded,was not this implyed oSfervance of his dire&i - ons, bat your own Receipts and Labourings , as above- faid. 3. I further anfwer toyour obfervation that the fame Scri- pture that faith , [ we arejuflifiedby faith] doth al CO fay, that Except ye Repent, ye (hall allperifh, Lake 13. 3 5. And Repent and be baptizedevery one of you in the name of lefug Ch. ift for theRemiffion of fins, Acts 2. 38. and mentioneth the Baptifm of Repentance for the Remi/fon of fin ; and joyneth thepreaching of Repentance and Remfon Luke 24. 47. Repent and6e Con- verted, that your Pr may be blotted our, &c. Luke 6. 37. For- give and it 'hall beforgivenyou, ram. 5. is. Theprayer offaith (hallfans the tick ---- andif he have committed fang they 'hall beforgiven him, Mat. 6. 14, 15. If youforgivemen their, tref= paffe:, your heaveny Father will forgive you; but ifyore forgive not, &c. .Mark II. I 1, 25. Forgive, that your Father may for- giveyou. i lohn i. 9. If We confefs our fans, he isfaithful and Sufi to forgive to our fns, &c. Ifa. 55. 6, 7, &c. And he that faith, We are fuflified by faith , faith alto, that [ by works a man ie jufiified, and not by faith only ; ] and that [ by our words we 'hall be jraflified. j 4. Laftly , to your argument from the peculiar attributions to faith, I fay, that we do accordingly give it its prerogative, as far as thofe attributions do direaus, and would do more , if it werenot for fear of contradieting the Scripture. Treat. pag. 224. From thefeexprejons it is that our Ortho- dox Divinerfay, thatfaith jnftifieth as it is an Infirument, laying hold on Chrift,&c. ad pag. 2,26. nfty. Though I could willingly difpatch with oneman at once , yet becâufe it is the matter more then the perfon , that muff be confidered I muff crave your Patience as to the P n- fwering of this Paragraph , till I come to the Difpute about faiths Infirumentality, towhich it doth belong , that fo I may not trouble the prefent Difpute by the Interpofition of ano- ther. R Treat.