Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

the fame gift as our duty , andas a Condition which in our per- fons is performed , This inferrethforce Moral Efficiency. Anfw. i. See then all you that are accounted Orthodox, the multitude of Proteftant Divines that have made either Faith or Repentance Conditions, what a cafe you have brought your felves into. And rejoyce then all you that have againft them maintained that the Covenant of Grace bath on our part no Conditions; for your Caufe is better then force have made you believe : and in particular this Reverend Author. Yea fee what a cafe he bath arguedhirnfelf into, while he bath argued' you out of the danger that you were fuppofed in : For he him- kif writeth againft thofe that make Repentance to be but a fign, anddeny it tobe a Condition to gualtfie thefubjeE1for luf i fication. Treat. of Iufl:f. part. i . Lea. 20. And he faith that iii [Give . grofs fns there are many Conditions requifto (byfdes humiliati- on ) nithout which pardonof fin cannot be obtained : and inftan- ceth in reflitution. pag. 21o. with many the like paf faltes. 2. Either you mean that Adams Works would have been Cau fall gnatenus a Condition performed,or, el fe quatenus merito- riousex natura maaateri e , or ibme other caufe : The . firft I ftiif deny, and is it that you fhouidprove; and not go on with na- ked affirmations The fecond I will not yield you, as to the'no- tion of meritorious, though it be nothing to our quefüion. The fame I fay of your later inflance of Gofpe! Conditions. Prove themmorallyefficient, qua tales, if you can. Treat, ib. And%., though in words they den e1 in (teed 'they do ex.&work, tofame r edof coif 1ity /1, i.t7. I am perfwaded you (peak not this out of malice but is it not as unkind and unjufl, as if I Mould perfwade men, that you make God the Author of f i n indeed, though youden % it in w.wcrdi ? i , What be the Deeds that you know mymind by to be contrary tomy Words ?- Speak out, and tell the wcrld,and. Bare me not. But if it be words that you fet againft words,. le Why fbould you not believe my Negations, as well my (f.