Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(133) ry meritorious att. Fourthly, Eut as an an adapted to the ob.: led, and fpecially'fitted to this gracious defign it is- chofen to be the condition, and`repentance and fel,`-denyai accordingly to attend it, Fifthly, And as the appointed condition, we are ¡unified by it. Sure therefore it doth not juffifie as a work. But how they will avoid your confequence that fay it juftifieth as an Infrumenr, let them fee. As toyour Confequence,I anfser.Fìrft, That which is ab folutely necefiàry, s Ii ncere- Repentance and fincere Obedience; and this is the fame in all. Secondly, But the matter of both thefe, v4.. the ins repented of, and the duties of Obedience may Cif :r in many particulars in feveral perfons. One may not have the fame fins to Repent of as another, and one may have fome particular duties moretben another : though in the main, all have the fame fin andhduty. But this difference is no abfurdity., nor ffranf e thing. When Chrif} mentioneth the Final Tunification of tome, Mkt. 25. and gises°thereafin from their works [ for I ti'.,u hungry andye fedme, &c. ] I read of none that took it for an abInrdity, becaufe. Firff, Thepoor. Secondly, Infants. Thirdly, Thofe that dye before they have opportunity, do no,fuch works. Treat. p ag; a; r The feventh Argument. This 4fertfon according to the 1;10 of the 1,:te Writers ( that a-e otherü ifs Orthodox, for 1 tnea4 not the Socinia'ns) Will-b; irg in-a fHfi- flcationttl'o wa'e.r, cr male-a twrfold 7ufiification, whereof one will be needefs. For theygrant an Imputationof Chrif,r Righte oufnefi in refpal of the Lary; the fulfilled-that, andfatisfled Gods- 14,11-ice, th>u the'LAW'cannot deem/ivy. And befides the , they make an Evangelical perfonal Righteournef. by our own Evan gelìcal workr. Now cent irly this later is wholly ftsperflueas ; for if Chrïfts Righteoofnefs be abundantly able to fat sfie for:al1 that righteoufefs Which the LaW requireth of us ; What ù the metter that it rer ,Joveth not a!' our Evangelicalfailings, aidpip- ply that rigbseoufnefs alto á fiirelytbir is to mike the gars fine,. When the Sun is in itsful ludre. Thus it may be .obferved, While menfor force feemirsgdifficulty avoid the goodknown way oftruth, thej dv commauly brie ìi c4fertions of far more difficult, S 3 , to