Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

to be received. lo this cafe its far more eafie to maintain one fingle Righteoufnefs, viz. the Obedience of our Lord Cbrifi, then to mk two, &c. An%rv. Firft, This twofoldRighteoufnefs is fo far from be- ing needlefs, that all (ball $erifh in everlafling torment that have. not both. I doubt not but S ou have both your fa; and thereforedo but Argue with all this confidence againft that which you mutt be faved by, and which you carry withinyou. As if you fhould argue that both a heart and a brain are need1ers, and therefore certainly you have but one. But the belt is, con- cludingyou have but one, doth not really prove that you have but one ; for if it did, it would prove you had neither ; and then youwere but a deadman in one cafe, and a loft man in the other. Firft, Did ever any man deny the necefüty of inhe- rent Righteoufnefs that was called a Proteftant ? Objee1. But thats nothing to its necefsity to Juflification. 4 /ti'. Firft, Its the very being of it that you plead againft as needlefs, if your words are intelligible. aly. Its as grofs a contradiction to talk of a Righteoufnefs that makes not righteous, or will not juftifie in tantrem, according to its proportion, as to talk of whitnefs that makes not white, or Paternity that makes not a father, or any form that doth not inform,or is a form, and i-0 not a form. Secondly,Ifthere be two diftinti Laws or Covenanrs,then there is a necefsity of twodflind Righteoufneífes to our Jullisñcation. But the Antecedent is certain. I fuppofe it will be granted that Chriíts righteoufnefs is neceffary to anfwerr the Law of works. And I (hall further prove that a perfonal righteoufnefs given from Chrift,isneceffary to fulfill the condition ofthe newCove- nant or Law ofGrace, beteve andbefaved,&c. Thirdly, Chrift did not himfelf 1/7ll the condition of the Gofpel for any man, nor tati5fie for his final non-performance ; therefore he that will be faxed, muff perform it himfelf or pe- rifh. That Chrift performed it not in person, is paf doubt. It was not confi.lent with his state and perfeetion to repent of fin , who had none to repent of; ro return film-) fin to (;od , who never fell from him; to beleve in (hrill Jefa, that is to r=c- cept himfelfas anOffered Saviour, and to take himfelfasa Savi- cur