Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

1 3 8 ). ta:ail : Thiscondition is firft a duty, and then a condition. Asr aduty we perform it imperfeEly and fo finfully ; for the per fedion of it is.a duty, . but the perfection is not the condition, but the fincerity. Sincere ,Repentance and faith is the cOnditi- onof the pardon of all our fins :, therefore of their own Irn- perfe&ions, vhhich are fins. Will you ask now [ Iffaith be i,,gnrfefiy hoW cames the guilt of that imperfellion tobe , pardoned ? Is it by.a further condition, andfo in infinitum ? ] No : it is on tht fame condition : fincere repentanceand faith are the condi- tions of a pardon for their own Imperfections. Is there any difficulty in this , or is there any doubt of it ? Why may not . faith be a condition,aswell as an Inf rumnent ofreceiving the par.. don of its own Imperfe &ion ? I hope perceive that you. put thefe queftions to others as well as me, and argue againft the common Judgement of Proteftants, whomake that which is im perfect, to be the condition of pardon. [ Repent and be bap- tized (faithPeter) for the remifon offin ; Of what fin ? is any excepted to the Penitent Believer ? certainly no : lt is of all fins. Arid is not the imperfeaion of faith and repentance a fin ? The fame we fay of fincere obedience as to the continuance of our Jufiification,or the not lofing it,and as to our final juilification, If we fincerely obey God will adjudge us to falvation, and fo jufifie us by his final fentence, tkrough the blood of Chrift from all the imperfections of that.obedience ; what need ;therefore of running,any further towards an infinitum? Treat. ibid. The`Popifh party and the Caflellians we fo far. crvce4 of this, that therefore theyfay our good works are per, fell: find. Caiciliomakes that prayer for pardon not to beiong_.toall thegodl1. ) Ji , It, kerns they are partly Qrxakers. But they are un,. haply.fouls, if filch an Argument could drive them-to fuch an abc minable, opinion. And yet if this that you, affirm, be the caufe, that Pap;fts have taken up the doctrine of perfection,.. I°have more hopes of their recovery then I had before; nay,. becarife. they are forne of them men of ordinary capacities, Is eakeitAS if it were'done already:, for theRemedy isroft ob°- . vious s,