Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

+0 ) ing the head that he may fees &e. ) you go extr4 olea a moral means that we treat of, and I think you will not affirm Prayer to be a means of phytical riceflity to pardon. If it were, it mat be a Phyfical caufe, near or remote, or a `,Diffoliiio materia of natural neceffity, &c. 1f you fay that prayer for pardon, is difpofitio fubjeai, I anfwer, Chats it that we Opinionifis do affirm : But it is a difpofitio moralis, and neceffa- ry 1st medissm ad finem and that neceffity mull be conflituted by the Promifer or Donor : and that canbe only by his m66b,/ miffianif which makes it in Tome meafure or other a condition of the thing promifed. So that there is no over moral medium then a Enter condition line qua non, that my underftanding can hitherto find out, or apprehend. Treat. ibid. Paul 7tidgeth them diiriv and drofs in ve- forence to 7iiflificatiun ; yea all things, &c. Anfw. ï. But what are thofe All things? 2. And wharf Teference to Juftification is it ? If All things limply in all re- lation to juRification, then he muff judge the Gofpc1 dung and drofs as to the Inftrumental collation ot Juaification ; and the Sacraments dung and drofs as to the fealing of it;and the Miniftry dung anddrofs, as to the preaching and offering it, and be- feeching men to be reconciled to (Jed : and Faith to be dung and drofs, as to the receiving ofit ; as well as Repentance and 'faith to be dung and drofs as conditions of it ; or Prayer Obedience, asconditions of continuing it. 2. Its evident in the text that Pards fpeaks of All things that ftand in oppofition to Chrift, and that ftand in competition with him, as fuch ; and not of any thing that !lands in a neceffary fub,ordination to him as fuch. 3. He exprefly addeth in the text, [far the excellency of the knowledgeof Chrifi 7eftss my Lord this therefore is noneof the all things that are dorT1 for the All things are oppofed to this, And it containeth that faith, which is works with the Opponents : for this is more then a recumbency on Chrift as Prieft : It is the ICnowledge of him as Lord all-0. I am confi- dent I. /bannever learn to expound Taal thus [I egeem All ___--..1111.....11111111111111