Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

things, even the knowledge ofrhrigfof r as Lord andProphet ,'' as dungfor the Knowledgeof him as Tried.] Airy Paul here excepteth his fff ring the logs of th.zt All. I am confident that the (Jil j that. Pasl liiffered the lots of , comprehended not his Seldenyal, Repentance, Prayer, Charity, Hope, d-c. 4. It is not only in reference to Yuflification that Paul defpi- feth All things ; bur it is to the Winning of Chrift (who doubt° lefs is the Principle of Sanaification as well as Juflihcation ) and to forsnd in him, which contained] the fun) of his felici- ty, If a man fhould be filch a Pelf-contradic er as to let Repen- tance , or Faith in Chrift, or Prayer in his Name or Hope in him , &c. againll winning Chriff, and again;} being found in him , or againft the knowledge of him let that man fo far efteem his faith, hope, prayer, &c. as dung. If you fhould fay, [ 1account all thins dung for the Winning of God bimfelf as my felicity.] Would you have'me interpret you thus ['account the lode of Goddung, andprayer tohim, andfludiotu obeying him, and the word that revealethhim, &c. even as they flandfubordi- nate tohim.] This fame Paulrejoyced in the teftimonyof his confciense,that in fimplicity and godly fincerity he had had his converfation among them : and he beat or fubdued his body and brought it into fubjeaion left he fhould be Reprobated after he was justified, and he prayed for pardon of fin, and tells Timothy, [ In doing tlos thou(haltfave thyPelf , &c. i therefore thefe things thus ufed, were none of the All things, that he op-_, pofed to the knowledge of Chrift, as dung. Treat. pag.z34, 235. Others wouldavoid this Objetlion, by Bring, that ÿo/pelgraces, which are the Conditions of the Cove -. nant, are reducible to the Law, and fo Chrifiz in fatisfing the Law, doth remove the imperfeCiions cleaving to them : And they judge it abfurd tofay, that Chri1 bath fatisiled for the tinsof the /econd Covenant , or breaches which is Paid tobe onlyfinal un- belief. Anfw. As this is brought in by head and fhoulders , fo is it recited lamely, without the neceffary dïftintions and explicati- T 3 . ons: