Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(145) punishment, as peculiarlyappointed by the Gofpel, viz. To be denyed Pardon, Juftification and Adoption, and to be Remedi. Ids in mifery, tic. to. Alfo I Paid that all other fins are pardonable on the Gofpel Conditions ; but the nonperformance ( that is, final ) of thofe Conditions is everlaftingly unpardonable ( and con- fequentlyno fin pardoned for want ofthem. ) Reader,this is the face ofthat Do&rine which Reverend Bre- thren vail over with the darknefs and confufion of thefe Gene- ral words ; that I fay [ Chrifi hath not fatiified fer fins againfi the fecondCovenant.] And all thefe explications I am fain to trouble the world with, as oft as theyare pleafed to charge me in that confufion. But what remedy ? This is the Legionof er- rours and contradictions ; which 'leave to thy impartial lodge- ment, to abhor them as far as the Word and Spirit fhall con- vince thee that they are erroneous, and to biefs thofe Congre- gationsand Countries that are taught toabhor them,and to re-: joyce in their felicity that believe the contrary. Treat. pag. 2 35. 2. Iffo , then the Work' Conditionsof our Juflifcation, and thus he runnetht intothe are treane he Wouldavoid. Anftv. r. The works which the Law requireth to Juftil:ìca- tion, that is, perfect obedience, are not theConditions of Juflli- fication. z. Nor the fulfilling of the &Ylofaical Law of Sacri- fices, &c. 3. But from among duties in general required by the Moral Law after the fpecial Conftitution of the Gofpel , God hath chofen fome. to be the Conditions of life. And if you believe not this, I refer you to Mr. Blake, who will undertake to prove more. 2. But your affertion is groundlefs. I Paid not that they are works of the Law. What if the Law condemn the neglect of a Gofpel duty ? Do I call the duty a work of the Law, be- caufe Ïiiy the Law condemneth the neglecters of it ? 3. But are you indeedof the contrary opinion and againft that which you difpute againft ? Do ) ou think that the Law cloth not threaten unbelievers, when the Gofpel bath com- U manded