Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

manded faith ? Have I fo much ado to perfwade the men of your party , that the Gofpel bath any peculiar threarning or penalty, and that it is truly a Law ( which the Lutherans have taught/0omany) and now do you think that its only the Go- fpel that Curfeth impenitent unelievers,and that maketh pun;fh- ment due for the remnant of there fins in penitent Believers? Let the 3eader judge who runneth into extreai s and felfcon- tradiIion. Treat. ib. But above all, that ù not to be endured , that Chrift bath not fuffered for the breaches of the New Covenant , and that there k nofuck breach but final impenitency : For are thedefeEts of our Repentance, faith and love in Chrift, other then the partial breaches of the Covenant of Grace ? our unthankfulnefs, unfrtsit- fulnefs, yeafometimes With Peter, our grievous revolts and apofta: sties ; î'hat are therebut thefadfhakings ofour Covenant-into refs though they do not difolve it ? But it is not my purpofe tofall on this, becanfe of its impertinency to my matter in band.. Anfw. I rather thought it your purpofe to fall upon it , though you confefs it impertinent toyour matter in hand. For I thought you had pur.pofed before you had Printed or Preach: Reader , T fuppofe thee one that bath nopleafure in dark- nefs , and therefore wouldfl fee this intolerable errour bare- faced. Towhich end , betides what is Paid before,underftand That I ufe todiftinguifh between a threefold breach of the Covenant. 1 A fin againft a meer precept ofthe Gofpel,which precept may be Synecdochically called the Covenant. 2. A fin againft our own Propnife toGod when we Covenant with him. 3. A violation of Godsconfl itution C Believe and be faved , andhe that believeth not Jhall be damned] making us the proper fubjeâs of its Atha! Curfe or Obligation to its peculiar pu- nifl:ment. 2. On thefe diftinaions I ufe to fay as followeth ; r. That Chrift fuffered for our breaches of Gofpel precepts. -2. And for our breaches of many promifes of our own to God. . And for our temporary non-performance of the Gofpel Conditions; which left us under a non-liberation for that time, (aid