Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

The Preface. 6.. his iuf ifyingaft fore call the, Apprehending of Chi.: Ai a Sacrifice forme Affiance, or Recumbency, or lettingon hies, as a Sacrifice forfin, or as others, alfo on his alliveRi hteoufnefs ; or an4pprehenfior$ of Chrifis Rigbteoufise[i; or as others , .rl perfwafian that his Pro- mile is true ; oranAffent to that truth; or as others, an Affurancc, or at leaf -a Relief, fide D'iviná , that we are jufified. 7. They fay, that the neereft Reafon. of our iu f ifica- rion, by thisfaith is, becaufe it is an Infirument ofor ¡u- fification, er ofourApprehending Cbrifls Righteoufnefß Andfo, that we arejßifiedby Faith as anlnjirumental efficient cau e; fayfume : and as it Pafsive Receiving Infrument, fay others. 8. They fay, that there kingbut two ways of Irse- frcation imaginable, by faith, or by works ; all that de- fert the formerway (if they defßair not of luflifacation ) fall under the expectation ofthe latter : AndIgrant that Scripture mentioneth no thirdway. 9. Therefore fay they, feeing that Pauls lufification by Faith; is but by the at before mentioned : whoever looketh tobe juflified, inwhole, or inpart, by another ac`i: ( as by Faith inChrifl as Teacher, as King , by defiring him,_by Hoping in him, by Lovinghim , by difclaiming all our own righteoufnefT,&c,) dotb feek Jollification by Works which Paul difputes againff, andfo (et againft the only true lufification by Faith. io. Tea, and theyhold , that whoever looks to be Iu o flifted by that aft offaith, which themfelves call the lu- flifying acct, under any other notion then as an inflrrument, doth fall to jollification by works, or turn from the true lufl:frcation by Faith. By tbefeunwarrantable Definitions, and .Diflin6ions, and