Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

The Preface. andadditions to Gods Word ; A' lamentable perplexity is prepared for mens fouls ; it being not pofsà le for; any living man to know, that he jail hits" ,an the juflifying Act, and which is it, and that he takes in no more, &c. andfo that he is not a Legalifl, or Jew, andfalls not from r o ,evangelical lull/flexion4y faith in Chrift. So that ¡u- flifrcationby faith inChrifl,es Chrift, (confidered in all fae ential to his office,) is with them no . luflifrcation by ith inChrift, but juflification by Works, fo much ¿if- ' owned by the Apoflle, the expectantsofwhich are fo mach condemned, 1 have gathered the funs of mof of the Diffenters minds as far tie 1 can under/landit. If any particular manof them, difown any ofthis, let him better -tell you his awn mind: For i intend not to charge him with any thing that he difowns. The Lord Illuminate and Reconcile all his "collie , by his Spirit and Truth. Amen. The