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(i50) Obedience. 2. Our Rareof Juftification is continued on con- dition of the continuanceof Faith and Repentance , with fin. cere Obedience. ;. Our particular following fins have a par- ticular pardon, on.Condition, of the Continuance of the habits and renewing of the a&a of that faith and repentance , for knownobferved"fins. 4. Our full juftification by Sentence at Judgement , is on the fame condition as Glorification, viz,. On perfeverance in Faith, Repentance, Hope, Love and fincere Obedience. Prove now if you can that perfeverance is the Condition of our firft pardon. Prove if you can that final perfeverance is the Condition of our continuance in a juftified {fate till now. You fay, Juftification and peace cannot be ours till the conditionbe performed. But what condition ? of that gift ? or of another gift ? If of that, its granted : but its HI denyed that perfeve- rance is anyof the Condition of our firft pardon ? if of ano. ther gift; its no reafonof yourConfequence. If you fpeakof final Juftification and Salvation, I grant you all thus far, that you haveno full Right of pofl'effing them but onperfeverance; nor no Right at all, or certaintyof Salvation , but on fuppo- ficion ofperfeverance as neceffary to the pof ef;lion. And there- fore if you can prove that we have no certainty of perfeverance, I will yield that we have no certaintyof falvation. Treat. Thus *e have alerted this truth by many Argos- menu ; and though any one Jingly by it felf may not convince , yet altogether may'fatßtfie . ----- Now to the great Objea$7 on AnfW. I heartily with that wifer Readers may find more truth and fatisfac`tion in them then I cando, if it be there tobe found ; and to that end that they make their belt of them all. Treat. James faith, Abraham was julified by Works fo that in outwardappearances thefe twogreat`Apoflles [peak; COY.- tradiUlions, which loath madeforne deny the canonicalauthority of James's Epifile. Teaonefail blafphemotsfly,Al thameirius, Men- tirisJacobe in caput tuum.But this is to extinct u 2tie the bat.= -- 1. The