Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

7. 21. Not every one that faithLord, Lord, "hall enter into the .Kingdom of heaven, but he that doth the will of myFather which is in heaven. 23, 24. Whofoever heareth thefe laying: ofmine, anddoth them,, &c. Mat. 5. throughout. verfe 20. Except your righteote nef: exceed the righteoufnef: ofthe Scribe: and Nitrifies,- ye fhall in no cafe enter into the Kingdom of heaven. x, John 3. io. In this thechildren of God are manifefi, and the children of the Devil : whofce'ver doth not righteoofnef: is not of God , neither he that loveth not his brother.] Anhundred fuch paffages might be cited. And will you meet all thefe with your objet$ions, and fay, [How (hall 1 know When I have the fullnumber ? &c. Know that you havefincere Faith, Repentance and Obedience, and you may knowyou perform that Condition of the Gofpel elfe not. Treat. pag. 23 6. That ifgood Work: be a Condition of7refli- fication, then none are jrsfiified till their death; becanfe in every good workie requiredperfeverance, infomuch that perfeverance a that to which the promife is made , Mat. 24. 6. Heb. 1 O. 3 8. Rev. 2. 7, 20. So that it rs not good Workslimply , but perfevered in that is required : and therefore no 7ußi fcation to the endofour chits,. fo that we cannot have any peace with ] od till then. Nei- ther doth it avail to fay, fuflification it not compleat till then ; for it cannot be at alltill then, becaufe the Condition that give: life to all is not till then. ,.fdnfW. i. And is not perfeverance in faith as neceffary as perfeverance in obedience ? Read Col. i. 23. john I5. 2,3,&c. and many the like, and judge. Will you thence infer that none are juflified till death ? 2. But a little ftepout of the darknefs of your Confufion , will bring the fallacy of your Argument to the light, and there will need no more to it. The Gafpel conveyed) to us feveral benefits : force without any Condition, and feveral benefits on feveral Conditions. i. Our firft À&ual pardon and Juilificati. on, and right to life, is given on Condition ofour firft Faithand Repentance : and not on Condition ofExternal works ofObe- d fence, nor yet of perfevering in faith it fell, much lets in that u 3 Obedience.