Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

r66 the notion of a preparative, or condition. 5. But if you mean only that he excludes the co-operation, or efficiency of works, I yield as before. 6. Paul exprefly excludes only the works of the, that k, fuch as are confidered in oppofition to Chrift, or coordination as required by the Law of Works, and not fuch as Chrift himfeif enjoyneth in fubordination to himfelf; fo they keep that place of fubordination. 7. Pauls Queftion is, What is the Righteoufnefs which muff denominate a firmer tuft at the Bar of the Law ? And this he faith is no Works(under any notion )no not Faith,hut only Chritts Righ- teoufnefs, and fo faith mutt be taken relatively : for certainly it is Chrift, and not Faith that is that Righteoufnefs. Is not this all that our Divines fay, or require ? and fo fay I, over and over . But Paul doth not refolve there [ what is the Condition on which Chrift makes over this Righteoufnefs of his ? ] fo direeily, but collaterally. 8. Or if you fay hedo yet if Paul fpeak of our firft pofeífion of Juftification, I fay it is without, not only the operation, but the prefeuce ofworks, which is more then you fay. 9. Or whether he fpeakof begun, or continued Jufiification, I fay we are juftified without works inPauls fenfe : yea that they are not fo much as a conditionof the continuance of Jua ification. For works in Paul; fenfe relate to the reward, as of debt, and notof Grace. As a man that works toyearn wages, as Paul plainly faith, :Rove.4.4. To him that worketh, the Reward is not of Grace, but of Debt. Thefeworks I difclaim as finfull in their ends. But obeying the Gofpel, or being willing that Chrift who bath redeemed us, fhould rule over us, and running that we obtain, and fighting the good fight of faith, and fufferingwith Chrift that we may be glorified with him, and improving our Talent, and enduring to the end, and fo doing good works, and laying up a good foundation aobain't the time to come : I think Paul excludes not anyof thpfe from being bare conditions, or caufe fine guibus n§n of our Juftification at Judgement, or the continuance of it here. t,Ibrahar s faith excluded works in Pauls fenfe, as be- fore, but not Works in this fenfe, or in yamee his fenfe. 'When you fay my fe:ife for reconciling Pan! and games cannot he admitted. r L t would you had toldme what way to do it better: and