Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

0167) and anfwered what I have Paid in that. z. Your reafon appears to me of no Teeming force. For firft you fay [ theone faith a Juftification by faith without works, you make Faith as well as works, &c ] Anfwer r. Paulfaith not barely without works, but without the works of theLaw. And I have film- ed you what he means by works, Rom. 4.4. 2. I fay no more then games, that a man is iuftified byworks,and not by faith on- ly : I believe both thefe Scriptures are true , and need no re- conciling,as havingno contradidion in the terms. And yet I fpeak not fobroad ufually, as lames Both. Whereyou fay that [ the Orthodoxdo fweetly reconcile them] I know not who you mean by the Orthodox. For I doubt not but you know the variety of interpretations to reconcile them. Pìfcator and Pemble have one Interpretation, and way of Reconciliation. Calvin, Paratu and mot! Divines another, Camero confuteth thebelt efteemed,and bath another. Brocbmond with moil: of the Lutherans have another. j4c. Laurertius , Althemer, and many more tell us of divers : which of there you mean by the Orthodox; I know nor. But if you exclude all thofe from the Orthodox, that fay as I fay in this, you . will exclude as Learned Divines, and well reputed of, as molt Europebath bred, viz.excellent Conrad.. Bergius,Ludov. Crocius ?ohan.Cro- cius, 7ohan. Rergius,&c.Who though they all difpute for Juftifi- cation by faith without works,underftandingit of the firft Jufti- ficarion ( for molt Divines have taken Juftification tobe rigidly famul & feriel till Dr. Dotenam evinced that it is a continued Aft) yet they both take works for meriting works,that refpec the reward as of Debt, and they fay that otherwife Obedi- enceis a Condition r or caufe as they make it) of continuing, or not lofing Juitificarion once attained. And is not that to fay as muchas I?And many more I can name you that fay as much. And you approveof Mr. Beals book,which faith,that works ( or purpofe to Walk with God) do juflifie at a parve qualification of the Sublet-1 capable of?r41ificatian. You add that [ We way difpute, &c. butyou know not hoW agodly manat his death can look on his Graces as Conditions of the Covenant`;ful filled by him, &c. i Which fpeech feems ftrange to me. I confers if I be fo, I am ungodly. For I have been as oft, and as long in the