Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 169 ) not knew them lure twenty years ago and more. Though I confefsI had not the clear apprehenfions of them feven years ago. What ever I was then thought by others, I confefs I was ignorant, and am glad that God bath in any meafure healed my ignorance, though with the lofs of my reputation of being Orthodox. Where you add that conditions have a moral effi- ciency, either you meanall or fome ; if all, or if this whereof we are in fpeech, though I am loth to conteft with you in Phi- lofophy, yet I muff confefs I never read fo much in any Author, nor can force my felf tobelieve it, Coifs fine (pawn, ell camfa fatma. It is as Schibler and others, a meer Antecedent. The word 214oral is ambiguous;but ifyou mean it as I conjeaure you dosfor an efficiency, interpretative in fenfe of Laiy, as litheLaw Would afcribe efficiency tohim that fulfills the condition : I ut- terlydeny it in the prefent cafe ; or if you mean that our fulfil- ling the conditions bath an efficiency on God to move him to juflifie us, as an impulfive procatarctick caufe ; I not onlydeny it, but deny that any fuch caufe is properly with God, or bath efficiency on him ; nor can it have the operation of the fi- nal caufe which fome call moral, feting it is none of Gods end, nor can any thing move Godbut God, nor be his endbut himfelf. If you mean by moral efficiency any thing elfe which is indeed no efficiency, I ftick not onmeer words. Sir, I fhould not have prefumed to expe& fo much labour from you as towrite a fheet for my fatisfaaion, had I not per- ceived that others exped much more to lefs purpofe, and that your letters exprefs that hereafter you intend more. If you deny me your anfwer to this,I will trouble youno more. And becaufe I would have your labour as fbort as may be, I (ball only defire your anfwer to thefe fewQeftions, which I ground on both your Letters, becaufe the clear refolving of thefe, will be the readieft way tofatisfie me. Hath the Covenant of Grace ( which promifeth juftification and Glorification ) any condition onour parts, or none ? If it have aft. 2.What are theConditions?Is not Love and Obedience part a theCondition ? Qsseff. 3 .lquit not thefeConditions be fulfilled by our felves ? Z