Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

170) . or hathChrift fulfilled, them by himfelf for any man. ONO. 4. If we muff fu1Cll theta, why may not a dying min look on them ? Os! ,wha.. means Paul to rcjovice in thezeftimony of hs Confcicnce,that in fimplicity and godly fïncerit' he had his converfation:? &c.And that he had fought a good fight, and finifbed-his courte, &c, and that in all good conicìence.,&c.and Hezfkiah Remember Lord that I have walked before thee, c. &trait. 5. Can a man have any affurance ordinarily that death (ball not let hiin into Hell, who bath no affurance that he bath performed thefe conditions, andhowihould he have it ? Can he know that all f a ell work to him for good, though he knownot whether he love God?or that there is no condemnati- on to him , though he know not that he is in Chrift., and walk not after the Refh, but after the Spirit ? otief. 6. If our Love and Obedience have no tendency to falvation but as meer figures , then is not the Antinom:- an Do !trine true, that we may not Ac} for Salvation ? 7.What doyou meanyour felf,whenyou write againft thofe that deny Repentance to bea Condition to goal, e the SubjeEl to ob- lain forgivenefs, but a fign Lee. 2o.of Junification? And when you fay that Scripture limits 7ufifacation,and Pardon only to thofe Stsbjelts that are fo andfo qualified. p. 171. where you inftance in Repentance, C'onfeffion, Turning, Forgiving others, and make faith an Inflrumental carafe, but fay, there are many quali- fications in the SubjeEl. p. 172. And what mean you when you fay, p.2 o. In fame grofs fins there are many conditi- ons requifite ( befides bumiliati n) Without Which Pardon of fin cannot be.,obtainad where you inflance in Reftittution. Be- fides thofe, p. 148,149,150. Is it not fafe when a man bath prerfor-tied there conditions, to lookon them either living or dy- ing? Or what do you fay lets then I do here ?I know 'you are none of the men of contention, and therefore will not recant your own Doftrine in oppofltion to me. And if you did not mean that there are conditions ofPardon,and Juftification,when «. you fay theyare, whocan underftand you ? If thofe grofs fins be in theunjuftified, youwill not fay that the conditions of his Pardon are no conditions, of his Juftification. I know that you give