Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

073 ) tanned witnefs that he was righteouc,God teiitifyíng of his gifts cc. Heb. i 1.4. S2ssep. 17. Donot thofe Divines that will affirm that [ our inherent Righteoufnefs is fo called from its impeded conformi- ty to the Lawof works ] and that [ it is the Law that pronoun. ceth them righteous,] lay a clear grouud for jultification by. works in the worst fence ? for if the Law pronounce their works, and them properly righteous, .then it iuffifieth them : and then . what need have they(at leaft fa far )'of Chrift, or Pardon ? yea, and what Law (hall condemn them, if the Law of Works jufti- fie them ?" At leaft do they not compound their Righteoufnds. ( as to the law of Works ) partly of Chrits fatis.fac`fion,: and tartly of their ownWorks ? suef1; z 8. Whether you fhould not blame Dr." Prefion Mr. Norton, Mr. Culverwel, Mr. Throgmorton, &c. for lay- ing by the good found definition of Faith ( as you call it ) as- well as me? And is it not great "partiality to let the fame pals as currant from them,which from une muff be condemned ? And why would youagree tofuch a corrupt definition, being one of the Affembly, when theirs, in the leffer Catechifm ( and indeed. both ) is in fence the very fame with mine ? And why may not I be judgedOrthodox in that point, when l "heartiht fubfcribe to the National Aff mblies Definition ? viz. that Faith; is a Paving Grace, whereby we receive, and reft on Clarifi alonefor Salvation, as he is offered to us in the Golpel. ]; .5..19.Do 1 fay any more then the Affembly faith :in the pre- ceding Quellion?[what loth God require ofsm, that we may eircape his wrath andcurfe due tousforfn ? Anfw. codreq'z,i .ttk ofus(to efcape thefaidwrath and curfe, &c.) Faith in yefusChrifl, "repen- tance unto life, with the diligent Ytfe cf all the outxard means; Whereby Chrift communicateth to NJ the benefits ofRedemptiov. _) And is not Justification one benefit ? And is notfinal Jollificati- on a freeingus from that Curie ? ueJ1. 20. Which call you the good, found definitionof Faith ? When our famous Reformers placed it in Afl'urance "9. Calxtero, and others in perfwafion ( filchas is in the underftand ing) others in Affent,as Dr. Downam, "mac .Others in a Belief of Gods- fpecial Love , and that fin is pardoned. ethers in Affi= Z_ 3 ance=