Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C'8°) freak to thepoint in this. But here is the quetiion, Can a godly man dying, think the Righteoufnefs of Chrift is made his by workingor believing ? `s is repent, and Christs Righteouf- nefs is by this made yours, and reti in Chrift ? Certainly the dying (hriiiian is in agonies direcked to this reflirig on Chrift, to the eying of this brazen Serpent, not to be found in any thing but the Righteoufnefs by faith. Its anad ofDependance, not of Obedience that interefts us in Chrifis Righteoufnefs. Its that puts on the robes of Chrift, that our nakednefs may not appear. And that is very harfh hill, which you exprefs, to ex pets the Righteoufnefs of the Covenant of 4.: race upon-the conditions fulfilled byyour fell, through Gods working;-. 'I am unwilling to parallel this withfome paftiges that might be quo- ted out of unfound Authors ; but that I am confident, how- foever your Pen - writes, youhave a toriffimum eui to reft only uponChrifts Righteoufnefs,and that by bare refting, and beleiv- ing you look for a Righteoufnefs. As Philofophcrs fay, wefee or hear intut recipiendo, not extra mi:tendo : otherwife Bellar- mine argues confonantly enough, that Love would juf}ifie as well as faith ; but we fay that Faith dotb pati, Lovedoth agere. Not but that faith is an Olt1 ive grace, only in thisall it ú,meer recipient. Sir, I have not time, nor paper to anfwer thofe many quefti- ons, the molt of which I conceive impertinent to this bufinefs and your Explication of your fell, how imperfeFtions in our Graces.are done away,and yet the conditions of righteoufnefs,ís to me 7rapyd'oE>>: but I cannot go any further. What I have written with much love and refpeâ to you Mould account it a great mercy to be inttrusnental to bring you to the right way again : If there be fo much Joy for reducing a wandring -fheep,be not offended ifI fay there will be much more for an er- ring fhepheard : though i hope at hit your error may prove in words rather then in fence : with heartly brotherly love I have written this, and fo let it be received from your fellow-labou- rer, whohonours Gods gifts inyou and is allo fenfible of his own infirmities, and pronenefs to err. 'Dear