Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

1...........001.17111. Dear Sir, F you doubt of the truth of my bodily infirmity, it is be' caufe you neither know my body nor mind. 1 he difpute at Bewd1ey,as it was almolt at home, fo I had the choice of the time, and such ftreng.h vouchfafed from God, which I cannot again expeét, much leis promife my felt'. I told you I have force drscids inrervall.¢, .perhaps a few hours in a moneth : but if up- on fuch uncertainty I íhould drawyou to a journey, and then ten to one fail you, I (hould be injurious. But feeing you fo far and freely condifcend, if Godwil fliew me fo much Mercy, as to enable this rei'il .fs unce(fan r ly- pained Sceleton to fuch a work, I (hall be bold to fend you word, and claim the favour you offer. In the mean time it is my duty to let ) ou know, I have received your Letter, and to return you hearty thanks for it, though it be not that which I hoped for, and (hall now ceafe to expect. I an convinced now as well as you that Letters are but a lofs of time : but your Arguments or direâ anfwwwers to my Queftions, would have been for my advantage, a precious improvement of it : but feeing I may not be 10 happy, I mutt reft content. It (till feemeth tomy weak underftanding to be no impertinency to prove that your fell affirm Repentance, Confefsion,Turning, Forgiveing others, &c., to be more then, figns, i. e. tobe conditions to quilifie the Subject to obtain forgivenefs ; and to tell you that I fay no more, and to tell you Rill, that yougive more to faith (and fo to man) then t ; but I give nomore toworks for ought I defccrn then`you ; 1 am lure thenour ordinary Divines do : iAnd if I do m ftake herein, you have little reafon to fufpect me of willfulnefs ; though of weak- nefs as much as you pleafe. As for the fateof the Queftion between us, which you fpeak of I am a franger to it , and knownot what you mean.I never came to the Rating of a ue- ftionwith you ; nor didyou fbte any to me your letters, but mentioned your vehement diffent from feveral paffageswmy book, and therefore I had reafon to think that you fell upon the Queftionsas there they were Rated ; fo that it is intirnè &awe dssllitù,r, pertinent tomyquefion,which is impertinent to yours. Aa 3 You