Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 3) by whch;we are Justified ; but not qaa 7uj7í¡icae, or that it ju ffifieth not qar; talis, as fuch : Theyyield alto that it is a Con- dition of Juftification , for fo they confers that Repentance it fell is; but they only fay, that it is not the Inftrument ofJuifi- fication, as they think the other act is. So that thedifference is here : They yield all that we affirm( ifI canunderhand them; but they affirm fomewhat more themfelves which we do not yield [hey grant that believing in Chrift as our Teacher and Lord is a Condition of our Jufti ication, and the fide, game 7ftfii- ficat; which is all that 1 dcfire : But then they add, that theBea lief in Chriíis blood and Righteoufnefs is the Inftrurent of our. Juftification, and that it jufinfieth qug tedis ; which we utterly deny, if the words be properly taken ; and Tropes fhould no upon choice be made the terms of our Queftion , while them are plainer to be had. So that by this time its eafie to fee that neither of thefe opinions are filch as mutt unchurch or damn uR, or makeus Hereticks. Firff, We that are for the Affirmative areout of that danger ; for we hold no more pofitively then is yielded us by the other. All that they can charge us with, is this Negative, that _ believing in Chriíis blood dotti not properly Juftifie as an Inftrument ( that is, as an efficient Infirumental Caufeof our Juf'tification) nor yet gstâ tali' : J And I think theywill not layour falvation on the Affirmative when they confider what we yield (ofwhich more anon) And on the other fide, we arefar from payingany damning fentence on them that are for the laid inftrumentality ; efpecially as we perceive it commonly held. Let no Papift therefore infult over us and fay, we are difagreed in our fundamentals,uniefs he be refolved todo it in deign againft the light of his own confcience. I the rather premife this Caution, becaufe I hear that the Papifts do mutter thus againft us already to filly people that cannot fee their de- ceit : they fay,[ Is not the death ofChrift a fundamental ? and yet fome fay that he died for All, and fame fay he died only for the Deft ; fome fay he paid the /dew, and fome but the Tan -, tandem but they tell not thepeople the true Rate of theCon- troverfie, and wherein we areagreed,or that they differ as much about the extent of the death of Chrift among themfelves, without filch a charge. Chrift is the Foundation : but yet whe- F 2 the