Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 4) ther his hairwerecut, or not or whether he were thirty three or thirty five, or fifty years old when he died ; or whether he was buried in a Garden, or in a Sepulchre of ftone, thefe are not the foundation. So much to the firft Propolition for narrowing our difference. Propofition 2. Though this controverfie be not of fuch Mo- ment as is denied, yet is it of great weight, and the Confequents of the Errors of one party hereabout, are fuch, as if they were held practically and after the proper fenfeof their exprefsions, would bea great hinderance to falvation,ifnot plainly hazard it. And therefore the queftion is not to be caft by as needlefs or unprofitable. It is fo seer the great matters of our Redemp- tion, Juftification, and the nature of faith , that it is it felf the greater. Arid if 4,neßrre fay true,that truths are fo concatenat- ed, that every Error mutt by confequence overthrow the foun- dation, then it mutt be fo in this. Theconfequents (hall be men- tioned anon in the Arguments, where it will be more feafonable. And in great matters, it is not acontemptible Error which con- ifteth but in mif naming and mif-placing them : It is a very great help to the clear and full underftandingof Truths,to have right Notions andMethods. And the contrary may prove dan- gerous to many others, when the particular Patrons of thole miftakes may be in no danger by them. For perhaps their firft Notions may be righter than their fecond ; and they may not fee the confequentsof their miftake; ; and yet when fuch mi- flakes in terms and methods (hall be commended to the world, other men that hear and read their words, and know not their hearts andbetter apprehenfions, are like enough to take them in the moft obvious or proper fenfe, andby onediforder to be led to more, and to fwallow the Confequents as well as the mif- leadingPremifes. And therefore I muff needs fay,that this point appeareth of fuch moment in my eyes,that I dare not defert that. which I confidently take tobe the Truth, nor facrifice it . to the honor or pleafure of man. For the explication ofthe terms iris needlefs to fay much,and I have neither time for, nor mind of needlefs work. By [lufti- p.rtsion ] herewe mean not either SanEtification alnne,or fanti fication and remifi .onconjnnt as making.0 p our Righteoufnefs, as