Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

4 then that my brains are made of a lookingglafs, and my heart of marbl`;yet is there fornwhat in this Reverend mans opinion, that looks toward the truth afar off. For indeed it intimateth that as to Caufality or Efficiency ; faith is not Active in the jullifying of a firmer, but. is a meer condition or moral difpo- fition, which is neceffary to him that will be in the neareft Capacity to be juftifyed by God. The Tall words , [ Believi in his blood] I ufe not as the only way that is taken by the Opponents ; but as one inftance among divers. For they ufe to exprefs themfelves fo vat ioufly, as may caufeus to think by many(as we know it offome ) that they take more wares then one in oppofing us. Firft, Someof them fay,that the only A&of faith that juflifieth; is our believ- ing in Chrifts blood, or fufferings, or humiliation. Secondly, Others fay, That it is the believing in, or apprehending, and rating on his whole Righteoufnefs , even his Obedience as Obedience, to be it kif imputed to us, Thirdly, Other Re- verend Divines fay, that it is the apprehendingand ratingon his Habitual, as well as Active and Pafíive Righteoufnefs ; that his Habits may be imputed to us, as our Habitual Rightcouf nefs, and his Ads as our wive Righteoufnefs; in both which together we are reputed perfectFulfillers of the Law ; and his fufferings as our Satisfaction fdr our breaking the Law. As for thofe that mention the Imputation of his Divine Righter oufnefs to us, they are fo few, and thofe for the molt part fufpected ofunfoundnefs, that I will not number it among the Opinions of Proteflants. Fourthly,Others fay,that the ¡Jellifying Mt of Faith is not the apprehenfion of Chrifts Righteoufnefs or Ranfome , but of his Perlon, and that only as he is Prieft, and not as Prophet or King. Fifthly, Others think that it is the apprehenfion of Chrifls perfon, but no t in his incite Prieflly, office ; for he performeth forne Aas of his Prieftly office for us ( Interceflion ) after we are juftified : Therefore it is his Perlon only as the Satisfier of jaflice, and Meritor of Life, which they make the adequate Ohjed of the jurifeing Aft of Faith. Sixthly, Others fay,that it is bothhis Perfon and his fatisfaction, Ment, Righteoufnefs, vea, Pardon and jufli- ficationi; fclf, that is the adequate Objeft By which they muff,