Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(II) it is not bis Teaching , or Ruling us , but his Ranfome and Obedience that are the Meritorious caufe of our Juftification and Salvation. Propofition 2. Therefore if Chrift did juftifie us per modem objeai .apprehenjiin the neaten fence, as the Belief of facred Truths doth make a ualitative imprehion on the foul in our Sanctification, and the exciting and acting ofour Graces ,then I fhould confefs that it is only that Aa ofFaith which is the ap- prehenfion of this Objet,that Both help us direcgly to the bene- fit of the Object. Propofition 3. But it is not fo : For the Obje& juftifieth us caufally by way of Merit and Moral rocurement, and thebenefit of that Merit is partly the Promife conveying to us Juftification, and partly Juftification conveyed by that Pro- mile ( not to fpeak now of other benefits) and the Promife conveyeth-Juftification by Moral Donation as a deed of Gift, ora Pardon to a Traylor : Therefore the Gift flowing purely from the Will of the Giver, and the Promife or deed of Gift being the Immediate Inftrumental efficient Caufe of ir, as it is fignum voluntatis Danat6rls, our Belief or Apprehenfion qua taliscannot juftifie us, nor have any nearer or higher interelt in our Juftification, then to be the Condition of it, as it is a freeGift. And therefore the Condition muff be judged of by the will of the Donor expreffed in his Promife, and not immediately by the conceits of men concerning its natural agreeablenefs to the Object in this or that refpe&. Prop ,oftion q.. Yea, Even ex parte C'hri f i, though he Merit Jultification by his Ranfome and Obedience, yet heaaually jui ifieth us as King of his Church, and that in regard of all the three forts or parts of Juftification. He giveth it confti- tutively by his Promife, as Lord and Legiflator and Benefaaor, on thefe terms of Grace. He fentewceth us Juft, as our Judg; and he executeth that fentence as a yufi Judge, governing ac- cording to his Laws. So that if Faith did juftifie ex natur4 rei, which they call its Infirumentality , I fee not yet but that the apprehenfion of Chrift as Lord and Judge mull juftifie us, becaufe the Obje& apprehended doth thus juftifie us. Propofttion 5. I eafily grant that inour Sanïtifacution or the C z exciting