Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(ion and Juftification, as that any as of our own mot/ interpafe ; but they are in eodem inftanti, and differ only in order ofnature. In fu n , we prove a promife ofpardon to all that receive Chrift himfelf, and believe in him : If any will affirm the neceffity of any other at before we can be juftified, it is incumbent on them to prove it. This was the fubftante of myAnfwer, to which theReverend Bithop faid no more ; whether fatisfied or not , I cannot tell . But I thought meet to recitehisJudgement, both becaufe it comes fo neer the matter,and becaufe I knownot ofany other that faith the fame or fomuch of feeming ftrengch agaïnft us. Againft all three (even particular Opinions, I am no N to de- fend the Thetis ; when I have firft told you in certaindiftin- &ions and propofitions, howmuch I grant, and. what I deny ; which I thall in (bort difpatch. And here I need but to rehearfe what I have faid already to Mr. Blake, png. 3.4. or to give you force (bort account of my thoughts to the fame purpofe Firft, We muff not confound Juftification by Conftitution or Guift , and ;uflification by theSentence of the Judge, and, the Execution of that fentence, which are three diftint things. Secondly, We muff not confound jollification with the affu- rance or feelingof Juftification. Thirdly, We muff diftinguifh between our firft Juftificati- on from a Rate of fin, and our daily Juftification from particu- lar As of fin. Fourthly, Between that whirh is neceffaryonChrifts part, and that which is neceffary on our patt to our Juftificati- on. Fifthly, Between Chrifts purchafing our Juftification, and his . actual juftfying of us. Sixthly, Between theee two fenfes of the phrafe (juftified by Faith] viz. as by an efficient CCaufe,or as a meer Condition. Seventhly, Between the Caufality of faith in the Ph.yfical'' tffeets of far.tificatión on the foul, and its conducing to the efficacyofthe Promife in ourJuftification. Propotition g. E. parte Cbriffbs We eafily grant that it