Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

believeth that Faith is the Condition of the Covenant.Secondly, And I am lure their writing; do ordinarily confers it. Their Doctrine that oppofe us,is, [hat Faith is both a Condition and an Infirument : but other Acts , as Repentance &c. may be Conditions, but not Iniiruments Aud thofe that have waded co far into this Controverfie, feem to joyne there other Acts of Faith vvih the. Conditions,but not with the Inflrument.Thirdly, They exprefly make it antecedent to our juflification, as ofmo- ral neceffity, ex conjlitest iovepermietent; and fay it i, the Fides qux:vijitficat which is the thing (faired, ifthere be any (ere in the words. Fourthly, They cannot deny to Faith in Chrift, as Lord and Teacher, that which they commonly give to Repen- tance , and moil of them to many other Acts. But to be a Condition ( or part of theCondition) of jollification is com- monly by them afcribed to Repentance ; therefore they cannot deny it to there as offaith. fo that you fee I may fairly here break off, and take the rbefis pro Concela, as to the fenfe. Nothing more can be laid by them, but againfl our phrafe whe- ther it be proper to fay that we are ¡unified By that which is but a bare Condition of our Junification, which if any will deny : Firft, We Ihall prove it by the confent of the world,that apply theword By] toany Medium: And Dr. Twifs that told them ( contr. (orviKum)overand over that a condition is a Me- dium, though it be not a caufe ; and I think none will deny it. Secondly , by the content ofmanyTexts ofScripture : But this tnuft k referred to another Difputation, to which it doth be long, viz. about the Tnftrumentality of faith in ¡unifying us, which, God willing, I intend afro to perform. 1,gtonent 2. The ufual language ofthe Scripture,is,that we are ¡unified bi faith inChrift, or by believing in him without any exclusions of any effential part of that faith. But faith in Chrift cloth effentially contain our believing in him as Teacher, Prick and King or Lord : therefore by believing in him as Teacher, Prieft and Lord,we are juflified. The ajar is part thedenial of Chriffians as to the firft part of it. And for the fecondpart, thewhole caufe lyeth on it ; For the Minor alto is pall all controverfie. For if it be effential to Chrift a Chrift to be God and man, the Redeemer, Teacher, Fria,