Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

Prieft andLord : then it is effentiál to faith in Chrilf ( by which we are juftified) to believe in him as God and man, the Redeem- er, Teacher, Prieft andLord. But the aítecedert is rick cer- tain : therefore fo is the Consequent. The reafonofthe Confequence,is, becaufe the act here is ipe- cified from its Objet. All this h pall: further queftion. All the Queftion therefore is Whether Scripture do any where expound it felf, by excluding the other ffrentill parts of fad], from being thofe a& s by which we arc justified.? andhave ligiic- edour jultificatian to any one acs ? this lyeth on the A; r. mers to prove. So that you mutt note, that it is enough for me to prove that we are juftified by faith in Chrifl Jefus : for this Includeth all the efrential at`ts; till they fhall prove on the con trary, that it is but fecundurn quid, arid that God bath excluded all other effential acts Of faith fave that which they affert : 1 he . proof therefore is on their part, and not on mine.And I (hail try anon howwell they prove i. In the mean time, let us fee what way theScripture goeth,and obferve that every Text by way of Authority, dothafford us a feveral Argument, unlefs they prove the exclu(ion, Firft (Mark 16. r 5, I 6, 17. [ Go ye into all theworld and preach the Gofpel to every Crearure ; he that believethand is bap- tized 11)411 6e faved ; and be that believeth not fhall be damned and thefe fign.c ¡hall follow the*, that believe, &c.] Here the faith mentioned, is the believingof the Gofpel , and the fame with our becoming Chriflians and therefore not confined to one part or atof laving faith.That Gofpel which muffbe preached to all the world, is it that is received by the faith here mention- ed ; But that Gofpel cloth effer:tially contain more then the ,d;o- 6trine of Chrifis Priefthood therefore fo do h that faith, Object. it rs 'jot 7ußificasi n but .alvation that it tkere prá- mifed. eAnJ It is that Sá'v.x"ion whereof Juftifrcation is a part.;. It is fueh a Salvation as ,a l hive rig'at to s 1,1,4n asever they be- lieve basci: ? <'.1, which compr hertdcth j uftificattnn : And the Scripture here and :verl where cloth-mRke. the Came fu-ith without toe leafi iiitinetivn, to be the cont d! GO sfJtill'he* ion and.or our "1itle iv Glorircation and never' pat'reels' out the f:verat,