Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( I 8 ) If the Scripture (peaks of faith effentially, not limiting it ad partemfidei, then fo mutt we : But the Scripture Both fo ; Ergo' &c. It is nowhere tnore:neceffary then in fuch cafes this t o hold to the Rule of not diftinguifhing ubi lex non diJlingreit. Firft, Becaufe it is an adding to the dotirine of Chrift in a point ofweight. Secondly,Becaufe it favoureth ofa prefumptuous de- trac`tion from the Condition Impofed by Chrift himfelf. If a Prince domake a General a&of Oblivion, pardoningall Rebels that will enter into Covenant with him, wherein they confent to Accept his pardon,and take him for their SoveraignLord ; He that (hall now fay, that Returning to his Allegiance, or content hag to the Princes Sovereignty, is no part of the Condition of the Traytors pardon,but that they are pardoned only byaccept- ingof a pardon, and not by the other aet, will certainly be guil- ty of adding to the act ofhisPrince, and of detracting from the condition byhim required; and fo is it in our prefent cafe. If God fpeakof any thing effentially, we muff not prefume without fufficient proofof the reflriction, to expound it only de parte effentiali. If he invite a Gueft to his marriage feaft , he me ans not the mans head only,or his heart only : for neither of thefe is theman. If he require a lamb in facrifice , we muff not expound it of the headonly, or heart only of a Lamb. To this Argument ( briefly in my Apology ) Mr. Blake ( having firft excepted at the newnefs of the phrafe [ Lord-Re- deemer ] doth anfwer thus [ I fay, Chrift is to be received 41 the Lordour Redeemer, and as our (defter or reacher ; but faith in 7uftification eyes Redemption, not `Dominion. ] Repl. Fir(t, The Phrafe [ Faith in 70¡lification ] is as unacceptable to me, as[ Lord- Redeemer] is to you:not only for the Novelty, but the ambiguity., if not the falfe Doctrine which it Both imports Firft, If the meaning be L Faith as it is the Condition ofour ofttf cation,) then its contrary to your own Conceflion after, that this fhould eye thrifts Prieft hood only ; and its an un- truth, whichyouutterly fail in theproof, or do nothing to it.. Secondly, if ou mean[ Faith in its effe isg of our70.flifi- cation, .4 then it irnp.orteth another miftake, which you have not Droved, v.z. that faith loth effe& our Juftifica; ion. If you. mean [ Faith in Receiving jollification ].either you mean the