Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

('7) Here it is faith in Jefus Chrift by which we are ¡unified , which therefore includeth all that is effential to it. Object. Verf. 25. It i1 faid to be byfa'th in hil blood. Anfnv. I, But there is not a fyllable confining it to faith inhis blood alone. It faith not, ( by faith only in his blood ) Secondly, The ordinary courfe ofScripture is to call it by that name (faith in 7e,/ui Chrifl ) which comprehendeth all chats effential to it. But fometime upon fpecial occalions , its denominated front force one notable act or part, And that is, when it is the (cope of the text, todenote more thediftinct Intereft of that part of Chrifts Officewhich is related to that act of faith, then any foie Intereft of that act of faith it felf. And fo the Apoftie here mentioneth faith in his blood as a fpecial act , becaufe he now draweth themefpecially to obferve that blood which is theOb- ject of it; and in other places he inftanceth in other acts offaith; but commonly fpeaks of it entirely. And I think the Opponents will grant that as ( only ), is not hereexpreffed , fo neither is it implyed : for then it would exclude alto, faitb in the reft of his fatisfactory Humiliation, or at leaft, in his active Righteoufnefs, if not in his Perfon or Relation : ofwhich more anon. So verf. t 8.3o,3 r . Its called ( faith ) entirely, or without re.. ftriction by which we are juftified; and therefore none of the efTentiais are excluded. But it would be too tedious to recite the particular Texts t Its known, that [ 6yfaith] and [ by believing] in Chrift, without exclufion orlìmitation, is the common phrafe of Scripture,when it fpeaks howwe are juffified : as may further be Peen, Rom .5. r, 2. & 9.32. Gä1.2.16. ( toearejr4lifaedby thefaith of?ef to Chrft, and by believing inJefus Chrift, as oppofed to the works of the Law ; but not byfaith in hisPriefthood, or Ranfom, as oppofed to faith in him as our Lord andTeacher) Gal.3.11,24,2$,26. & 5. 5,6. Eph 2.8,9. & 3.12,17. Phil. 3.9. Rom. 9. 30. Heb. throughout, ohm6 35,4o 47. Alls t 0.42,43. Rom. s o a o. Aár 13.39. From theeand many the like I argue thus. The Scripturedoth afcribe our Jun ification tofaith ; and doth not limit it to anyone part offaith,excluding thereft : Believing inJefus Chrift as Redeemer, Prophet, Prieft and King, iseffenti- ally this faith, Ergo ,&c. D If