Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

on, or conflitutión. For the Promife is his Inffrument by which he doth it. But the Antecedent is certain therefore fo is the Confequent. As the Father by Right of Creation was Rector of the new created world, and fo made the . oven ft Of-Life that was then made : fo the Son ( and the Father by Right of Redemption is Rector of the new Redeemed world, and a made the Law of Grace , that gives Chrift and Life to all that will believe. As it is a Law it is the Act of a King ; As it is a Deed of Gift, it is the Act of a Benefactor : as it is founded in his death and fuppofeth his fatisfadion,thereby it is called his Teflatr.eut. In no refpect is it part of his fttisfaction or Humiliation or Merit itf.lf,but the trueeffect of it.So that Chrifls;merit is the Remote Moral Caufe of our Juflification, but his granting of this pro- mile or Ad of Grace is the true natural efficient Inftru_ mental Caufe of our Jullificati.on , even the Immediate Caufe. Secondly, Juflification by fentence of Judgement is unde- niably by Chrift as King :For God bath appointed to Judge the World by him, Ar .'7.3 t. and bath committed all Judges ment to him, jabn 5. 22. And therefore as Judgehe doth juf}tfie and Condemn. This is not therefore any part of his Humilia- tion or Obedience , by +which he ranfometh finners from the Curie. fo deny there things , is to deny Principles in Politicks. Thirdly, And then for the Execution of the fentence by a&ual liberation, there is as little room for a doubt, this being after both the former, and the adof a Redor, and not of a Surety in the form ofa fervent. So that it is apparent, that as the Merit of our J ofilicacion is by Chrift in his Humiliation ; So our actual j,uftiñcation in all three fenfes is by :Aria as King. And therefore Faith in order to Juftification, mull according- ly refpect him. Secondly,As the Teacher ofthe Church;Chrift dothnot imme- diately juflifze, but vet mediately he doth,and it is but mediately that he juf{ifi.eth by his Merits. The Gofpel is a Law that mutt be promulgate and expounded, and a Docirine that mutt be taught and paired on finners, till they receive it and believe, E that