Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

34) of Life, John 5 4o. re Will not come to that ye my bane Lif: J Yet hereI muff crave that Ingenuous:dealingof the Reader, that he will o5ferve ( once for all, and not expert that I íhould on every call recite it) that though I maintain the unity oldie condition, not only inoppotition to a fep:arAting divifion , but :alfo to a diftributive divifion of Conditions;yet I frill maintain theee three things. lFirft,that quoad rnrrte,i:le Cár:di:tianU, that faith which is thecondition,doth believe all the effential parts of Chrifts office diftinCtly ; and fo it doth not look to his Exdtati on in ffead of his F-honiliatiion ; nor è Contra ; but looks to be Ranforned byhim as a facrifice, and merit.-iaufty ¡unified by his Merits, and actually ¡unified by him as King, judge , andBne- faEfor, &c. And that it eyeth altodiftinEiy thofe Benefits which falvation loth eff,ntidlly confiif in(at lean.) And it takes Chriít finally to Juítifie, Adopt, Sanctifie, Glorifie erç.i¡into. But full its but one condition on which we have Title to all this. Secondly, That I maintain that in the Real work, of farFl cation, the feveral acts of faith on feveral objects are diftinct efficient caufes of the actingof feveral Graces in the foul. Tht- Beliefof every attribute of God, and every Scripture truth, bath a feveral real effect upon us : But it is not fo in .7uflicatá- Ph nor any receiving of Right to a benefit by Divine Donation; for there our faith is not >a trueefficient chafe, but a Condition: and faith as a condition is but One, though the efficient a6ts are divers.. The Belief of feveral Texts of Scripture, mayhave as many fanctifying effects on the. foul; But chafe are not feveral conditionsofour Title thereto. God faith not Iwill excite this Grace if thouwilt believe this Text, and that grace if thou wilt believe that Text.In the exercife ofGrace Godworketh by ,our.felves as efficient caufes . but in the Juftifyingof a firmer, God loth it wholly and immediately himfelf without anyCo- efeiency of our own, though wemuáihave thedifpofition or Condition. Thirdiy, I trill affirm, thatthis One undivided condition may have diversappellations from the Refpeet to the Conicquent be fits ( for I will not calf them the tech;;) This one faith tray:.