Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(; -be denominated ( importing only the Interest of a condition ) a jailifying faith, afantifying faith, an Adopting faith, afavir. faith, preferviug faith, etc. But this is only, if not by extrin- tick denomination, at the molt but a Virtual Or Relative die -$ináion ; As the fame Center may have divers denominations . from the -feveral lines that meet in it : Or the fame Mar or Rock maybe Eaft, Weft,North, or South, ad kvam, vel ad dextrern , in refped to feveral other Correlates : Or ( plainly) as one and the fame Antecedent, bath divers denominations from feveral Con/it/menu. So if you could give me health, wealth, Honor, Comfort, &c. on the condition that I would but fay One word [I thank yore : that one word, might be denominated an enriching word,an honouring word, acomfort- ing word atom the feveral Confequents, And fo may faith. But this makes neither the !d?ateriale, nor the Formate ofthe Condia Lion tobe divers : either the faith it felf, or condition of the Promife. Argument 9. If there-be in the verynature of a Covenant Condition in general, and of Gods impofed Condition infpeci- cial, .enough to perfwadeus that the benefit dependethufually as much or more on force other a&, as on that which accepteth the benefit it felt': thenwe have reafon to judge that our Jufti- fication dependeth as much on forceother a, as on the accep- tance of Juftification ; but the Antecedent is true, as I prove Firlt, As to Covenant Condition in general, it is tnoft ufual to make the promife confift of fonnwhat which the party is wil- ling of, and the condition to confift of fornewhat which the Promifer will have; but the Receiver bath more need to be drawn to. And therefore it is that the Accepting of the bene- fit promifed is feldome, if ever, exprefly made the Condition ( though implicitly it be part ; )becaufe it is fappofed that the party is willing of it. But that is made the exprefs condition, where the party is molt unwilling: So when a Rebel bath a par- don granted on condition he come in, and lay down arms , it is fuppofed that he mutt humbly and than\fully accept the par- don ; and his returning to his allegiance, is as truly the condi- tion of his pardon, as the putting forth bis hand and taking it is. If a Prince do offer himfelfin maraiage to the pooreft Beg- Fa gar,