Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 36) gar, and confequenly offer Riches and Honors with hirnfelf, the accepting of his perfon is the exprelled condition, more then the accepting of the riches and honors ; and the latter d:- _. pendeth on the former. If a Fathergive: his fon a purfe of gold on conditionhe will but_ kneel down to him, or ask 1 im for- givenefsof fome fault : here his kneeling down and asking him forgivenefs, doch more to the procurement of the gold, then putting forth his hand and taking it. Secondly, And as. for Gods Covenant in fpecie, it is moil cer- tain, that God is his own end, and made and loth all things for himfelf. And therefore it were blafplhemy to fay that the Cove- nant of Grace were fo free as to refpeet mans wants only, and not Gods Honor and Ends, yea or man before God. And there- fore nothing is more certain then that both as to the ends, and mode of the Covenant , it principally refpeeteth the Honor of God. And this is it that man is molt backward to, though moil obi ged to. And therefore its apparent that this muff be part, yea the principal part of the condition. Everyman would have pardonand be faxed from hell God hathpromifed this which you ?moldhave,on condition you will yield to that which naturally you Would not have. You Wouldhave Happinefs; but God Willhave his preeminence ; and therefore you¡hall have noHappinefs but in him. You would have pardon but God xi ill have fubjedion, and Chrift:will bave the honour of being the bountifull procurer of it, and will be your l.ord;_and Tea- cher, and San&ifier as well as Ranfom :1f you will yield to one, you (hail have theother. So that your Juftification dependeth ai much on your TakingChrift for your Lord and Mailer, as on your receiving Juftificacion or confenting to be . pardoned by turn. Yea the very mode of your acceptance of Chrift himfelf and the benefits offered you, ( that you take them. thankfully, .. lovingly =, humbly, renouncing your own worth, 6.c.) are ne- ceflu_y parts of the condition of your pardon. There is as great a Neceffity laid upon that part of the Conditionwhich Chrifts honour lied) on , and that in order to .your fuftrfication as of that part which dire&ly refpeeteth your Salvation. And me th:nks.common reafön and ingenuity íhould tell you that it muff Belo, and that its juiland meet it thould be fo, , And therefore