Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

<39) areall they that Fat their truf ti t 3 hi] The faith that laves from punifhmenr faveth from Guilt : The faith that 'fives from Omit, is ¡unifying faith The faith here defcribed , is that which laves from punifiunent : And the faith here defcribed is.` ET kifHg the Son,; whichcompreliendeth fubjet`lion, and depen- dance, and love ; 'and 'is the fame for all that, which is after - called í[.. trtsf ing in him. J 'So Luke [ B thole mine enemies which wouldnot that I (howldrAign over them, brighither a.d d.fllroy them be- fore me. 1 U tiiillingnt:fs to have Chr;fl; rain over them, is here made ( not a common, but ) the fpe'cial condemning tin, called commonly Unbelief.; and fo is ihecontrary to jellifying faith. So john- 3, 36. r He thrt bel'eveth on the-Son, ( this as all confe1s, is juaifving faith ) ha,h everlaffing life : a td he that 6e- lteveth not the Son, 1hall not fee hie, but the wrath of God abid- etb on hire. ] Here it is apparent that this Unbelief is the pri- vation, the contradi `iory or contrary to ¡unifying faith. Firtt, becaufe they are fo direaiy oppofed here denominatively, that elfe the words would be egoivocal,an ! not inteliigible.Secondly, .. Becaufe the contrarietyof effet`ts allo is added ro-put the thing pail doubt. [ The ttratlo of God abideth on him] is contrary to jte f ifying, which takes the wrath of Cod off him efpecially conüdering,that it is turfing, comminatory, obliging wrath that is principally meant ; thegreat executing wrath being not on men till their dámnation. And thatmaterially thisunbelief thus oppofed to luHtfying faith doth confift in contumacy, rebellion,or unperfÀ' dablenefs, is plain in the words, [; c.s10 Y i Uri.' which fignifie C They that are contumacious or d: (obedient to the Son, or Anper- foaa hale. And i 7o.ion 5. T t,iz,This faith and unbeliefare oppofed; and the unbeliefconfifeth in [ taot believing the record that God bath given of his Son -1 and chat record is not-only concerning Juftifcation, or the merit of it, So a. Thef. 2:12. [ That all they might be damned, Who believed not the truth, but hai pleafare in tenrighteou nefs: 1 So a The[ i .8, 9 ;: I o t That obeynot the Gofpel of our Lard ?e1u.e Chrif