Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(4.©) Ckriff ] is the defcriptionof the Vnbelievee ,oppofed to (thee that believe, ] ver. io. So 70. 8. 24. L If ye believe rot that Iam he,ye fhall die inyorer fns,]which as to the act and effect is contrary to juftif ;ing faith. And [that 1 am he ]isnot only L that I am the R2nfomo ] Lut alto [ that I am the '_./12eff7ab and Redeemer.] So J ohn i 6.8,9. [ He Willl reprove the world of fin. _._ ( not only in general that they are (inners , but of this fin in iecie) becaufe they believed not in me.] Many texts may be cited where ¡unifying faith and condemn- ing unbelief are defcribed from acts of the underftánding ( though the will be implyed ) as brlievirg, or not belie¢ iog tb:t Chaff r? the [on of god,itc. which cannot pofibly be reftrained to his Ranfom and Merit alone. The Confequence cannot be denyed, if it be but underflood that this unbelief Both thus fpecially condemn, not in general as fin, or by the meer greatnefs of it, but as the privation of that faithby whichonly men are ¡unified. For Privatives thew what thePofìtives are. And if this unbelief did condemn only as a fin in general then all fin would condemn as it cloth : but that is falfe. And if it condemned only as a great fin, then firft, every fin as great would condemn as it Both ; and fecondly, it would be Derogatory to the precioufnefs and power of the Remedy, which is fufficient againft the greaten fins, as great : It remains therefore that as it is not for the fpecial worth offaith above all other Graces, that God afíigned it tobe the condition ofJu(fiE- cation; fo it is not Mr a fpecial greatnefs in the fin of unbelief that it is the fpecially.condemning fin but as it is the Privation of that faith ( which ,becaufeof its peculiar aptitude to that Office, is made of fuch necefii y to our Juaification. But faith Mr, Slake [ "This ri like the old Argtsment ; Evil " works merit condemnation : therefore good Works mer,:t falvati- "on. Anil/ meaning' damns oar good meaning;' therefore raves.] Repl. Firk, A palpable mitlake. Meriting, and faving by me- rit, arc effects or feparable from the things ably ap. you wrote nature(a .pri- V4tiolBt themfelves, that the invalidity of theConfequence pears :ut in good fadnefs, did you believe this that he that argueth from thedefcription