Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

For my part, I am fatisfied that the Remedying Law, Or tie Lawof Grace hath its fpecial Threatning,when I fooften read ir, [ He that believctli fhall befaved, and he that beiieveth not fhal1 be dawned -I and [ unlefs ye believe that famhe, ye (hail die inyourfins..] And I take it to differ from the Threatning of the lawof t orks, thus. Firft, In the matter of the condition ; which is not fin in general ; any fin ; but a fpeciogi fin, viz. the final rejthing the Remedy ; that is, Refuting to turn to G -d by faith in Chrift. Secondly, In the 'Penalty : Firft, The Gofpel Penalty is Non liberation fronn the curie of the Law. Not tobe forgi!. venor Paved, This had been but a Negation, and not Pe- nal, if there had been Lo Chr_,ft and Ç, ofptl : But it is a prig vation and penal, now, becaufe by a fpecial fin, we forfeit our hopes and poffibilities. Secondly, As to the degree.I find it wit b.- a far Toter punifhment . Lieb. io. 29. The 'Law of greateft 4 race d.?th threaten the greareft punffhtnenr. "l hirdly, And doubtle!s in Hell, .Confc ence will have a fpecial kind of Accufa' ionsand felf tormentings in reflecting on the refufals of the remedy, and treading under foot the blood of the new Covenant ; Which is a punifhment that was never threatned by the covenant of works. Fourthly, And there will be a Priva- tion of a greater Glory, then ever was promifedunder the Law of works. Fifthly, As alto ofa fpecial fort of eternal felicity, confifting in loving the Redeemer, and tinging theFong of the Lamb, and beii,ghis members, &c. Thirdly, And as thereare thefe five differences in the Penal- ty, befides that ofthe Conditionof it, fo is there a confidera.. ble modal difference in the confummation it felt. viz. that of the Law of works was not peremptory, excluding a Remedy; Lit the Threatning of theLaw.of Grace is peremptory, exclu- dingall fug±.her Remedy to all Eternity : which I think is 'a moft weighty diff-frence. I know,this is not muchpertinent to our precent +'ontroverfie but you have made it neceffary for me thus to touch it : But Mall not digrefs now to prove it to thole that fee it not by its own light : But I mull fav, that áfI fhould be drawnby you to deny it, I fhould have bar 'a G 3 flange