Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(46) 3frange MethodofTheology in my undemanding, and fhuld think I let open the door tomore Errors then a- few. So much for the proof of the Their. fhe Principal work is yet behind, which is to confute the Arguments of the Opponents. I call it the Principal work., becaufe it is incumb nt on them to prove. who make the limi- tation and reftr.ftion.and adda newpropoficion to the Dodrin` of the Gofpel : and till then have proved this propolit on, our ground is good ; we fay that [ B liev the Lord 1efus Ctori is the faith by which We are ;ult fled [ and this is pan denyal in. theScriptures. They fay,that [ 3el evirgis him as a Ran /n ani ?urch,afer, or ap r,hend,ng. his Ifighteouinefi is the only 45! of faith, by which we art lee,/fiuied, ] and nor allo Believing in him as ord, Teacher ! nterceffor, c c. When they have proved the reftrí- sdion and exclufion as well as we prove our Affernon that ex- c.ludeth no e(l'ential part of faith, then the.'work_is done, and till then they have done nothing. And firft, before I come to their Arguments, T. Thal! confider of that great Diflinc`lion, whichcontainsth much oftheir opini on, and which is the principal! Engine to deflroy.all our Argil- -rnents for the contrary. And itis to this purpole. "B;el eying in theLord rgfùs L'hri,i as King,Teacher,]& the "fides *lux áuf}ificat, but it jultifiet&not qua talis ; but qua fides in Chriftum fatisfacientem, &e. Fides qua Juf}ificat , muff be difinguifhedfrom fides (lux Juetifcat. A man that loath eyes doth hear, anus that bathears cloth fee; but he heareth not as he "kath eyes, but as he bath ears ; and he feeth not as he bath ears, " but as he hash eyes. So faith Which believeth in Chrifl' as King .46 cloth Iufhhfie, but not qua talis, as it believeth in him as King,bust ct as it believeth in him. or apprehendeth him as our IRighteoufnefs. Repl. As jufl and..neceffaryDiitïnftionriddeth us out ofthe fruitlels.perplexity.ofconfufed difputings; founfound Diftineïi.. one, efpectally with kerning fubtilty, are Engines to deceive and lead us into the dark. The laft- time I anfwered this Di- Ilinction, I was fo improvident as to far, that,it[ it is thegeneral cheat ], meaning no more then.. a Fallacy,and thinking theword had fignifted no worfe: But Mr. Blake publi{heth this Comment On that fyliableCyindwitfeernsyouOvemet Withapack o fIm. gafforl).,