Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

48 3 But is it not poffible that it may cheat or deceive themferves; though fome never utter it to the deceivingof others ? Much lefs as impoftors with an intention to deceive : I would you had never learned this art of confutation. Thirdly, But I perceive how you would take it if I had ap- plyed this toyour felf. And what is this, but plainly to forbid me to difpute with you ? ( which I had never done on other terms then for Defence.) Can I not tell you that your Argu- ment is aFallacy, but youwill -thus exclaimof me, as making you an Impoftor.? why then ifyou be fo tender, who may deal with you ? On the fobe grounds, if I fly that your Major or Minor is,falfe, you may tell the world I make you a Lyar; and I mutt either fay as you fay, or let you alone ; left by contra. di ëion I makeyou a Lyar or an Impoftor. Prove that ever I blamed M r. Crandon for fuch a paffage as this, if you can. It is not[tbis word] thus applved,bnt other words that I excepted againft I will not yet believe it all one to call an Argu- ment or diftinc` ion a cheat or fallacy, and to call the perfon a Cheater and Deceivers, and that defignedly,as purpofelydiffem bli;nghis Religion. Mr. Blake proceeds: [ AndImuch marvel that this ß` c`lion, that everywhereelfe wouldpals., andbe confe;Q"ed to be of " neceffity, to aVOil confufion in thole °diftìnEí capacities in which c s- men urfually ac`1, fbould here net alone be q;se.«ioned, but thus ß6 branded. Does not every man that undergoes various relations, vsYioujd ati according to them ? And do notmen:that make ad drefs , addrefs themfelves in like variety ? He that is at once a °` Hosband,a Parent,a t.Mafter,a School-mafier, a Phyfician, aCis " variouefly according to all cf thefecapacities. Somecome to him 61 as a Father, fosse as a Mafßer, Tome as a Teacher ; all ofthem 5$ come to him as a Phyfician: But only they that come to him04 s` a Phyfician are curedby him. Believers through faith go to 6L Chrift that bears all the Relations mentioned. But as,they fee& fatlsfailion in his blood-fhedding, whiòb is an a4of his Prie, t- ` hood, they are ¡stifled.] epl. I ever granted that we are jullified by truffing in Cb ifks-blood 7. But not [ only by that.. Seoondly a It wawa God, that, fought Chrilts blood