Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(47) pofiors, a»d that of the » of;z Learnedin the Land, that out oftheir great Condefcenfion have writtenforyour fatisfé ìion. Thisword you think fàssnds harfhly fromMr. Crandon , as indeed it doth and is no 1ma11ólemiJh to his great pains ., you may tk($ judge boW it Will foundfronyourfe/fin the earsof others. Such infinuations, as if it were to breed diffentionbetween thofe Learned Brethren and my fell, are not fair dealing. Firft,i d o not remember one or two at molt ofall thofe Brethren, that in their Papers tome.ufed that diftin&ion ! How then can you tell the world imprint, that it feems I have met with a pack of Impofors , even them you mention ? Did you ever fee myPapers,or theirs ? Did they ever tell you that this diftindi- on is in them ? I folemnly profefs it was not in my thoughts fo much as to intimate that anyone of their Papers was guilty of that diftindion. But if you will fay fo, what remedyBut per- haps I intimate fo much in mywords;In what words ? wheal fay, that[all that Ihave to do with, grant the Antecedent] and whars that to the queftion inhand?many a hundred maygrant that this ad is thefides qua, that affert not the other at to be the files quá, and allow not th e ufe of the diftin&ionwhich I refit}: But perhaps its my next words that imply it [ For thegeneral cheat i; by the diftir ion of fides qua and qua, &c. ] But fure it cannot be underftood,that its general with al the world, nor ge- neral as to all that I have had to do with: There is no fuch thing faid or meant by me ; for then it mull extend to all that are of my own mind : and I told Mr. Blake enough ofthe contrary as to the perlons he mentioneth, by telling him how they owned not the Initrumentality offaith,and then theycannot well main- tain this ufe of this diftindion. It is the general deceit or cheat of all that are deceived by ir;and ofmolt that in this point oppofe me. But ifMr. Blake thinkeither that all that vouch, fafe me their writings, do it by wayofoppofition ( when many do it but 1)y explication and reconciliation ) or that all shat op- pofeme,do oppofe mein that point,he thinks no truer thenhere he writes. Secondly. And as he feigneth me to fpeak of many reverend perfons that I never meant, fo he feigneth me to take them adu- ally for Impoftors, becaufe I take the diftinction for a cheFr. But