Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(6o) Whereas therefore you fay IfI exclude thee, Ifballexclude ha blood 1 t is a weighty Anfwer. And the like you may fayalto of his Kingly and Prophetical office. The operation of them are fo woven and twilled together by infinitewifdom, that all do harmonioufly concur to the attainment of theends of each one; and if you lay by one, g ou lay by all; you exclude Chrifts blood as to the end of Jultification, if you include not his Kingly and Prophetical offices, '.and look not to him as making the Covenant or Grant of pardon in his blood; and as teach- ing and perfwading and working us intoUnion with himfelf that we may have part in his blood : and as conferring daily the fruits of his blood as King, in Renewed pardonof daily, fins; and as juftifying us at Judgement as King and Judge. His blood is a Foundation without a building,if you take it without all thefe : Overlook thefe, andyou deny it as well as by over- lookinghis Refurrec` ion. Befides, Sion 4t Cods Right Handwhich is one thing that the A poftie inftanceth in, Rumanr 8. 3 5. is his Glorifica ion it fell. And when you fay [ Heprefents his blood as High Prief &c. ] I anfwer. But not as a renewed facrifice ; prefenting it is not fheddingit,or offering it in facrifice. And the prefentation is not a mindingGod ofwhat heknows not,or bath forgot,or an arguingwith him to extort his Mercy ; but as thevalue and me- rit of Chrifts facrifice bath its continual Being beforeGod; fo Chrift doth give. out all his benelis to his Church as procured and received from the Father by the merit of his facrifice : and this is his Intercetfion. But your arguingyieldeth, that to ju- fification, we muff not only believe in Chrift as (bedding his blood for us onearth, but alto on Chrift as prefentinghis blood for us in heaven : which isenough tomy ends. tl..,2'Ir. Blake. Ton tell mefurther that the thing Ihadtoprove vras not the exclujion offaith in hid commands, bat o f faith in (shrift au Lord and Teacher. I can no more diflinguifh Lordand Com- mand than I canBlood and Sacrifice ; it being the office of a Lord to Rule, ad of 4lood to make atonement. Rep!. Firf# , If you cannot diftinguifh, there's no remedy but youmutt err by conflation. Its obvious toan ordinary un- derfanding;