Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(6i) derftanding that even Blood and Sacr,f ,:e may as well bediftin. guifhedas Earth andMan, or Ink and Writing ; [ Blood] figni Eying only the matter, yea but part, of the matter ; and L a Sacrifice] fignifying that matter with its moral Form. Secondly,And its as obvious that Lora and Command dòother- wife differ then BloodandSacr?fice;for Lord,as it fignifieth princi- pally a Proprietary,is toto celo diítin& from command,as{landing in another feries ; And Lordas it fignifieth a Rec}or,doth differ from Command, as the efficient from theeffeet ; which is other- wife then as part of the master doth from the whole informed. It is no Argument again{l the truth which I maintain, that you cannot diftinguifh thefe. Thirdly, If it be the office of a Lord to Ride ; then you may well diftinguifh betwen the office and the work : But indeed in, the firtt fence, Lord fignifieth a Proprietary, and but in the fe- cond a Rulers Power; which is not alwayes properly called an Office neither ; no more then the Soveraign is properlyan Offi- cer. Fourthly, To make Atonement is not all one,as to be a Sacri- five, which was your former term : for Atonement is the.effec`t of a Sacrifice: not of blood as blood, but as a Sacrifice meri- torious and accepted. Fifthly, And as to the point in difference betweenus,thediffe- rence is palpable and weighty between believing in Chrift as King, and believingor obeying his Commands. As his King- ly Power belongs to the Cosflitution ofhis my{lical body or Re- publike, and his commands that flow from it to the Admir,i(lra.. tiara : fo Subje&ion to his Power and Relation, and confent- ing to this conftitution,do enter us into the Body and uniteus to him : when believing and obeyinghis Lawsfor Adminiirarion, do follow as the fruits. If you could have difinguifhed between the Root and Fruits between Faithand Obedience, ,between maki ,g Difciples,a4 teaching to obferve, &c. Mat,. 28.19.2 or b- corning `Difciples, and Learning; you might have diftinguifhed between becoming a SubjeEF and obeying. And what ever you do, I am fure othersof your way do grant that Receiving Cbrifl as Lord and Teacher, is the fai: h that juftifieth, though not qua talk, but they will not fay fo by, receivingor obeying his 13 governing,