Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

The toiJfo tomb coutradiilion of fuck a friend ofTrdt&. As it is for God, or forTruth , or for the ufe of the Church, 1dare not difiwst it ; but As it faveuretb of difagreement (thoughnecefsitated to it ) it is very un- grateful tome to thinkof,or review. But our difeafes mill have their pains. We mufl bear the finites of our own and our Brethrenweaknef jes, rather thennegleíi thefer- iice ofChilli, hi Church and Truth. We quickly par- don one another, and at the furthefl Heaven agreeth us ,ill: But thebenefit ofour fearch , though mixed with our infirmities, maybe fomewbatferviccable when we are tone., ThefecundDifpatation ss yet more ungrateful to me, then the ftrf : the Reverend Brother whom 1 contradiít being ds highanddear inmy efleem ,co moll men alive ; indeedbeing an Honour and Blefing to theChurch in this unworthyGeneration. The Lord preferve him long for bis fervtee. But my Defence here alfe is necefsitated. I. 1 didmy heft to have prevented the Necefsity , and couldnot : I mean, not by di(wading himfrom oppofng me in Print, for that might have hindered the Church of the Benefit of his oppo/ition ( for ought 1 knew, till 1 .had feen it :) But by trying frrfl, whether 1 could receive or give fatisfatiion. 2. 1 had publickly obligedmy felt, if this ReverendBrother didDrffens , to fearch again : and by an Bpiflle. became more accountable to the world for Drfenting fromhim then ether men. 3. His Name defervedly precious in the Church , both the greater ad- vantage to over-lay theTruth, wherehumane imperfetii- on engageth him againfl it. let do I not blame him for beginnw this Contefl withme ; but take the blame to my felfthat might occafien it , by dtlhonouring his Nome bya temeracious prefixing it to my undigeffed rapers (.though