Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(6+) Subject , a Servant, a Son to obey ; but obedience isfar from being proper to a Prieft. Fourthly, If you intend the Major exciufively as to all other confiderations of the object, I fill deny it as falle. Our faith ( even as the condition of Juftification ) mutt look at Chrift, not only to obtainRighteoufnefs by him but allo to fubje& our felves to his Teaching and Government, and to glorifie him in and for his Mercy. Fifthly, Yea, the Minor it Pelf is falfe, if you imply the ex- clufive Only. For we obtainRigh.eoufnefs and are juftified before God effectively by Chrift as King. firft by conftifution, and fecondly, by fentence, as well as meritorioufly by Chrift as Prieft. Mr. B lake.Fifthly,That way that Chrift took to bring us to God, ourfaith muff eye and follow :But Chrift by depth the S.4crifce of ofh mfelfbrings us to Çod,tPer. 3.1 8,Chrift alto loath Once ¡offer- ed for fns,theluftfor theunjuf,&c. Repl. Still the fame error : an Ignoratio Elenchi. I grant the whole, but theconclufion's wanting. Did I ever deny that faith mug eye andfollowChrifts death to bring as to God ? yeafor Jufti- frcation. But you fhould have faid by his death tlor-e 1 or you fay nothing. Andwhen you prove that by his death alone Chrift brings us to God, you will do fomewhat.And yet if you did, it would not follow that we are brought toGod in Juftification onlyby eying the caufeof Juftifcation as fuch. Mr. Blake.Sixthly, As Chriflfreethusfrcm the curfe,,/ohe ja- ftife us,and ir1 that notion oser faithmuff lock tohimfor 7osf iftca- tiors. This isplain ; hsflifacationbeing no other but our acquittal from thecurie, which is thefentence of the Law of Mofes,At .13. ff.bast Chriftfreeth nsfrom thecattle infsffering as a Sacrifàce,nos ruling as aLord , Gal. 3. 13. Chrift bath Redeemedus, &c. Repl. Firft,[Only] is again left out in the Major propofition, and fo I grant it : But if it be implyed that faithmuff look to himfor Juflification only in that notion as be jujilfaith us, yea only to be meritetb Jußification, thenI deny it, and you fay nothing to prove it. Secondly, The exclufive of your Minor is a dange- rous error ; Chrift freeth us from the curie by fuftifyingus as a King, and teaching, and ruling,and fan&ifying us; and not only by