Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

( 63) that he ufeth.The fame Chrift that calleth himfelf foof the Lord and Matter of his followers , excludeth not thereby his other Relations And when he faith inone place [ 1 am the iii.; ] he may freely fay elfe where,[ l am thegood Shepherd :1 rind he that fpeaketh ofhayingdown his life for the f&ep, doth not there- by make it unfit to mention other Paltoral acts for them. And he that tels us of eating hi fiefh and drinking his blood, intended not the exclufionof the f »iris that quickoeth. I am therefore Refolved by his Grace to adhere to whole Chrift as the obje3 of that faith which is the Condition of Juftificarion. And I think this full comprehenfive faith is fafer then the groundlefly diftinguithing faith ; and this Doctrine more agreeable to the Scriptures. Mr. Blake. Fourthly, Ourfaith mrafl look on Chrifi foat to obtain righteo.ufnef by him, by virtue of whichWe may appear be- fore God a righteous : But it is by bis Obedience as a fervant that tie obtainrighteoufnefs,and flandbefore Godas righteous, Rim. 5. 19. by the obedience of one many are made righteous. Repl. Firft, I grant the whole but its nothing to our Queer ¡lion. Its a firange error that runs through fo many Arguments, that they fhould be impertinent to the queftion. You fhould have concluded that l Faith in Chrifi qua Lord,doth notjuflifie] which in terminis is the conclusion that youundertook to prove: whereas all that this Argument will conclude, is, that [ ourfaith muff lookat ChrifEs obedience for Righteoufnefs, &c. ] which I have Paid no more againft then you have done. Secondly, But if [Only i be implyed as adjoyned to [ ekedi- ence then it will exclude his fuffering is fuffering in that formal refpe&, and cake it in only as the Matter of his Obedience. Thirdly, And by this Argument you deftroy what you not only mantained, but refolved to flick to in the Taft , that is, that it is not fit for any one tô tell us of any other thing then faith in his blood for juftification, and that you are refolved to look no further then Chrifts Prieftly office alone. For Obedience extendeth further then blood-thed: therefore ifwe are juftified by Chrifts whole obedience, then by more then his bloodYea you will be put hard to it to prove, that all Chritts`obedience was offered by him as a Preift to his Father : It belongs to a Subjeet9