Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C 72- qualities of the foul,by inherent holynefs ; which is firft perffi, filch Adam (once ) and the Angels,and Chill had ; fecondly, or Imperfea, fuch as the faniified here have. Secondly, Or its inour Relations : whenwe are pardoned and receive our Right to Glory : This is an ac`s of God in Chrift by the free Gift of the Gofpel, or Lawof Grace : and it is firft, The firft put- ting a firmer into a fiate of Righteoufnefs , out of a Bate of Guilt. Secondly Or it is the continuing him in that ftate,and the renewingofparticular pardon upon particular fins. Secondly, Sentential pardon or Juftification, is, fait, by that Manifeftation which Godmakes before the Angels in heaven, Secondly, at the day of Judgement before all the world. Third- ly, Executive Juftification, viz. the execution of the aforefíid fentence, (lefsproperly called Juflification, and more properly called pardon) confifteth in takingoff the punifhment inflicted, and forbearing the punifhment deferved, and giving poffeffion of the happinefs adjudged us : fo that it is partly in this life, viz. in giving the fpirit, and outward mercies, and freeing us from judgements C And thus fanctification it felf is a part of Jultification ) and partly in the life to come, in freeing us from Hell, and poffeffing us of Glory. Thirdly, As for the word Condition, the Etymologiftswill tell us, that it firft fi'gnifieth er4Elionern condendi : and then, Tag- onem,gua quid conditrar, and then qualitatern ipfam per quam con- Jerealiquie, vel condi aliquid potefl; v hint eft profate quifa- l-tuo eft rem condendo ; deinceps pr; otnni'taut, quern perfona vel rei aut caufa quoquo modo babet ant accipit. But we have nothing todo with it in fuch large acceptions, in which all things in the world may be called Conditions. Yid. Martin. in Nom They come nearer our ufe of the word, when they expound it by, c 7v[oderatio, Circumfcriptio, determinatio,limitatio. In Naturals the wordCondition is oft ufed pro ratione formali, per quam alicujue difciplin<e fubjeCtom adagttatii conitituiPet. As e. g. 7' Woosconfideratcorpus, cum conditione Geo. meter eonftderat quantitatem cum conditione continuitatis, Arith- msticus cum conditione disjunttionis; t.Tled:cus confiderat bumaxú corpus cum conditione, f el, quatenus egrotare & fanari poteff. Sometime allo any quality, or action, which isfine quanon to an effect