Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

The Epif ice Dedicatory. life is but the road to another, and that d men are polling on to their journeys , Mould think no ó fand cíoulsedogó, that whi- ther fo many th daily íhoot the gulf of death ! and return no more to the world which once they called their },orne ! That menwill have no houle or home , but the íhip which carryeth them fo fwiftly to eternity ! and (pend their time, in furnishing rdww nagondfu uch a tern eíluous Sea, where hafting them to the fhore ! and even to the end are contriving to live where habitation arc daily dying! and care for no all men but ®n hone-backátt heatlived ;h die much wafer than yet Y of death will the certain foreknowemgmore feafonably not ferve to make th t and more fafely wife for aWmaneafwak , o rt should be poífibl believe that he muft ounehangeable end earth, and enter into life, and yet no ben ofhis life, to fef his foul, and the labours his true and durable the ancecedency But to, ildam hash given fin and maáz ofs the priority to wi/4w .