Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .B39 1670

TheEp`te Dedicatory. and our wifdom, health and fafety, mu now come after, by the way of recovery and cure. The firIl born of lapfed man was- a malignant perfecuting Cain. The firff born Pf believing Abraham, was a pefe- cutor of him that was born after the Spirit, i John 3. iz. Ga1.4.2,9. And the firfl born of this Ifaac himfelf, was a profaneEfau, that for one 7nor]èl fold bis birth right, Heb. iz. 16. And naturally we are all the off-fpring of this profanenefs, and have not acquaintance enough with God, and with healthful boli- nefs, andwith the everlafling bearvenly Glory, to make us cordially preferr it before a for- bidden cup, or morfel, or a gameat foole- ry, or a filthy lull ; or before the wind of a gilded fools acclamation and applaui or the cap and counterfeit fubje&ion of the multitude : But the fortune, non tua turba Cut Ov.) quos fportula fecit amici (ut Juv.)` who will ferve mens lulls, and be their - fervants, and humble attendants to damnation, are regarded more than the God, the Saviour, the Sanaifier, towhom thefe perfidious rebels were once devoted. That you and yours may live that more wife and delightful life, which confifleth a in